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Dr. Aaron O. Williams is an experienced radiation oncologist, registered pharmacist, and founding Medical Director of the Athens Cancer Center in Athens, Ohio.  Dr. Williams also serves as an international consultant to countries with limited access to radiation therapy.  In addition to his practice and consulting, Dr. Williams delivers presentations on radiation oncology, pharmacy, other cancer-related topics, and biomedical research. 



The Weekly Wellness Channel, hosted by Dr. Aaron Williams, focuses on various health topics to bring about a better understanding and achievement of overall wellness. The channel coincides with the Weekly Wellness Show radio program that airs every Saturday at 12 noon EST. Click here to watch.


The Weekly Wellness Show, hosted by Dr. Aaron Williams focuses on various health topics. It hosts healthcare professionals to bring about a better understanding of wellness issues. The show airs on the Survival Radio Network every Saturday at 12 noon.  To listen, click here  or dial (347) 989-8385. 


Dr. Aaron Williams and other contributors offer informative and insightful articles covering various health topics. The goal is to bring about better understanding and maximum achievement of overall wellness. Click here to learn more.

Testimonial from the Medical Community

I first met Dr. Williams during the implementation of a national cancer initiative. The objectives of this initiative were to develop and manage independent preclinical and clinical biomedical research projects. These projects addressed unclear biological indicators underlying cancer disparities. Establishing treatment centers, health education programs and screening programs were other objectives. During this process, I found Dr. Williams to be a visionary, a detailed strategist and an optimist. It was a great pleasure working with him, so much so that I asked him to be on the advisory board of our company.
— Rodney Nash, Ph.D. Co Founder and President of Jeevan Biosciences